The land of tulips and bike lovers is rich in history and waiting for you. The Netherlands are a great option to be an Au Pair if you want to practice your English and learn Dutch. As an au pair you’ll live with a Dutch host family, helping them with childcare in exchange for a stipend, private room, meals, and other benefits.
Program Requirements
20 – 30 years old
Sufficient childcare experience, which can be checked (e.g. needs to provide at least 2 childcare references). Childcare experience can consist of babysitting, helping out/working at a creche, (Sunday)school, daycare, etc.
Speaks English to a good level
Can cycle and swim, driving is a plus
Must have studied at college or university for at least 2 years
Au pair will book and pay for her own return ticket to and from Holland.  
Responsibilities can include
Engaging children with activities
Taking children to and from school and activities
Preparing meals for the children
Light housework: tidying and cleaning
Other childcare tasks as needed
A maximum of 30 hours per week (no more than 5 days a week, no more than 8 hours  a day)
Au Pair Benefits
340 euro allowance per month + 10 euro phone allowance per month
Host family is responsible for taking out an insurance for the au pair
Host family contributes a maximum of 320 euro towards a language course