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Au pair stories
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Story 1

My name is Bubble, I come from northeast of China. 2012 was an extraordinary year for me, because I stepped on American ground. My host family was in New York, they had a very very lovely boy - Jack, who was only one year old. I arrived in the United States just over a month 's time, but what I saw and heard would change my view and whole life.

  First of all, let me talk about my favorite thing- eating! Typical American food are hamburgers, fried chicken, pizza, pasta sauce, Taco burritos, sandwiches, hot dogs, French fries. The United States will have several meals a day, brunch, afternoon tea will be there. You will never get hungry.

Second, let me talk about the language. In China, I planned to be an English teacher, so that I thought my English would have no problem in America. But when I arrived here, I realized that lots of oral English that Americans speak a lot we never learned from our English book. In one word, travel will learn more than only reading books.

What I admire is the way that Americans educate their children. Chinese people really should learn from them. They definitely do not spoil children, once a child saw his father at home, he wanted to hug his father , but his father had no time , the child began to cry. However the father did not hold him because of his crying. Oppositely, the father said, if the child won’t stop crying, he would not hold him. In the past we would often say that foreign children and parents will not be very close, but this is why the foreign children are mature than Chinese children. I've read a book, it says that foreigners become adults at 18 years old, but Chinese become real adults at their 25 years old. This is because the family education.

Now I’m in America, everything is fine here. Au Pair is a perfect program! It gives an opportunity to experience American life , the real American life! Unlike only studying in the United States, au pair program integrates into American life and American friends with the locals. I can practice English with everybody in the family and my neighborhoods. So that my English level improves rapidly.

Traditional study abroad has been open to everyone, Au Pair program will let you learn better language and experience the real culture! I'm waiting for you in the United States.

Story 2


I am Zhou Gehang from Jilin Huaqiao University. of Foreign Language. My major is English. With the help of CAPC, I successfully came to the United States to start my new life as an au pair.

I arrived in New York around 21:00. At the airport, everyone spoke English. I know, I really came to the America. In the training period, I made a lot of new friends, some of them came from France and some came from South Africa. We really had a great time. Every night there was a bunch of girls hanging out. We went to the Statue of Liberty , Empire State Building , Macy's, Times Square and so on.

I found that New York is a place of different people. No one will think an Asian face is a foreigner here. My host family lived in Manhattan, which was close to the hotel I live. My host mom picked me up by walking. On the way home, there were typical high-rise buildings in New York. I felt really lucky to live in a convenient city with convenient transport and close schools.

Everything is new here and I will begin my au pair work now. Hope everything goes well. Look forward to beginning a new life ~

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