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Story 1

                                                                China – a life experience



    My name is Amelie. I’m a 19 years old German girl who has been an Au-Pair in China for six months.  I’ve never regretted  my decision and I’m so thankful for everything I was able to learn. First I didn’t know anything about China, I wasn’t capable of speaking Chinese and I didn’t know anybody in China. But those were the reasons why I wanted to go there. I wanted to get to know this country, its  people and the language.

    During these six months I started loving China. Chinese history, its culture and its traditions are completely different from European ones. Thanks to the calligraphy courses, Chinese language courses and the Tai Ji  courses, which the agency organized for me, I was able to get in touch with China and I got to know it  better and better.

    One of the most important cultural aspects is food. Chinese people love eating. While in Europe every  person gets one plate with the food they order, in China you get tons of plates with very delicious  food you share with all the others. The advantage is that there are a lot of different things to eat like  seafood, vegetables, meat, spicy and sweet food. So you will always find something you’ll like. And I promise you will learn how to eat with chopsticks. But even if you have problems at the beginning you still can ask for a fork and a knife. That’s not a problem. Because another thing I figured out during  my stay is that Chinese people are one of the friendliest people I’ve ever met. You don’t feel uncomfortable, you’re always welcome and even if the communication goes totally wrong they will  smile at you and are happy you’ve tried talking to them. By the way I was astonished of how many people actually could speak English. So don’t be shy and just try communicating, you’ll never know.  And after six months you are also able to talk Chinese with them on a basic level.

    The two families I stayed in were also great. They welcomed me warmly and I immediately became part of the family. They showed me their daily life and enabled me to experience situations I would  have never been possible to make like going to hot springs, getting a foot massage, sailing and a lot more! The two girls I was looking after were also really cute! My tasks were practicing piano, teaching them English, showing them the European culture and also just playing games with them and spending time with them. During the school days I also had a lot of free time, because the school in China always ends the class at 5 PM. That’s why I was able to discover the city very well, I met new friends, I went shopping and sometimes I just sat in some parks and enjoyed the atmosphere. Sometimes it just seems that China is too far away, too different, too strange. But it’s just another country with a very interesting culture that offers exploring and understanding to you. You just need to do the first step then the other steps will happen automatically.

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