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Education in Austria is entrusted partly to the Austrian states and partly to the federal government. School 

attendance is compulsory for nine years, i.e. usually to the age of fifteen.

Pre-school education, free in most states, is provided for all children between the ages of three and six years 

and, whilst optional, is considered a normal part of a child's education due to its high take up rate. Maximum 

class size is around 30, each class normally being cared for by one qualified teacher and one assistant.

Primary education, or Volksschule, lasts for four years, starting at age six. The maximum class size is 30, but 

may be as low as 15. It is generally expected that a class will be taught by one teacher for the entire four 

years and the stable bond between teacher and pupil is considered important for a child's well-being. The 

so-called "3Rs"(Reading, Writing and Arithmetic) dominate lesson time, with less time allotted to project 

work than in the UK. Children work individually and all members of a class follow the same plan of work. 

There is no streaming.

The au pair program is an educational and cultural exchange program with a child care component in Europe. 

The word "au pair" in Austria means equality and mutual assistance and reciprocity. Au pair is approved by the 

Austria government to study ways of work-study. It welcomes foreign youth to Austria to experience Austrian 

culture and improve the level of German, while self-learning exchanges. Au pair's main feature is mutually 

beneficial, as a mutual benefit students through the labor of families get free accommodation and learning 

opportunities, and they should take care of their brothers and sisters as a member of the host family.

Au pairs are not like typical nannies or daycare employees; they're part of a vibrant cultural and educational exchange 

program. Au pairs' host family may become like a second family to them.

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