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Peking Opera

Date: 2015-01-04   Author: The station


Peking Opera combines music, acrobatic dance, and spectacular costumes to tell stories from Chinese history and

folklore. Using abstract, symbolic gestures rich in dramatic meaning, actors represent personages from the heroic,

divine, and animal worlds, often in martial exploits. The traditional features of the masklike makeup and elaborate

costumes immediately identify the characters to a knowing audience.

a century of astor beijing opera floats overseas Mr Meilanfang, the master of Peking Opera, spent more than fifty

years on the stage. During those years he came to Tianjin every year and the Astor Hotel was his favorite hotel.

The room 332 became his home for many years and he developed a deep friendship with the clerks there. The

room is called the Lanfang Suite. Meilanfang is good at playing the role of women in Beijing operas, called “Dan”.

According to the age and personality of the character, there are many different kinds of Dans. If she is a decent

girl, will be called “Zhengdan” or “Qingyi” if she is just a young girl; the character on the stage is usually dressed in

blue. The heroine of “Dou E’s Grievance” is a typical “Qingyi” character. This kind of character is supple and elegant;

the singing skill is the most important technical point and the song itself is soft and beautiful.

Mr Meilanfang increases international communication between China and other countries as the forerunner who

spreads Beijing opera abroad. He has visited Japan in 1919, 1924 and 1956. In 1930, he visited America. He

visited Russia in 1935 and 1952, which gained him a high reputation. During this period he knew many famous

artists, singers, dancers, writers and painters. Because of his travels, there was an improved culture understanding

in many countries. From that time forward, Beijing opera is listed into the dictionary of international drama. Mr

Meilanfang is the symbol of Chinese acting art and holds with him our pride. 

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